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PEB Manufacturing & Steel Building Construction

Pre Engineered Building (PEB)

Pre Engineered Building is a metal building enclosure system that always includes a structural system and often includes roof and wall cladding and is designed and fabricated in the factory premises.

PEBs are ideal for non-residential and wide-span low rise buildings. Pre-engineered buildings are used for diverse applications such as factories, warehouses, showrooms, aircraft hangars, metro station etc.

Pre-Engineered building offers various advantages which makes it an efficient and timely solution to suit unique engineering & design needs of modern building ecosystems.

  • Lightweight but robust.
  • Reduced construction time from designing to erection phase.
  • Effective utilization of space with higher spans.
  • Offer high flexibility for expansion & relocation.
  • Offer higher salvage value as compared with conventional structures.

Pre-Engineered Building Application:

  • Engineering & Auto Ancillaries Projects
  • Warehouse & Logistics Park
  • Food Processing Units
  • Textile & Spinning Projects
  • Cold Storage Units
  • Pharmaceutical Buildings
  • Exhibition & Public Buildings
  • Ceramic & Marble Industries
  • Power, Cement & Chemical Plants
  • Packaging Units

When you are looking for the efficient Pre Engineered building manufacturer, then VB-ANA GROUP is the leading manufacturer because we not only have advanced technology but an excellent support of a well-educated, qualified and expert team. We are dedicated for providing the highest quality of work in every project.


Depending on the structural type to be created Steel Fabricators in India , followings are the major components used in PEB :

  • Primary frames / Main framing
  • Secondary frames/ End wall framing
  • Roof Sheeting and Wall Cladding
  • Mezzanine & Floor systems
  • Crane Beam
  • Heavy and Complex Structures

Primary Frames / Main Framing

Main framing generally called as the rigid steel frames of the building as they are supporting members carries the main load in a Pre-engineered building (PEB). Main Framing consists of tapered columns & rafters, which are referred as built-up members. The technology ‘state of art’ is mainly used to fabricate these tapered sections. Some of the factors that influence the choice of main framing include:

  • Slope of Roof
  • Building Dimensions: width, length, and height
  • Building’s occupancy and acceptability of exposed steel columns
  • Roof and wall materials
  • Column-free clear spans

Secondary frames/ End wall framing

The Secondary frame of a PEB may be considered as a main rigid frame (i.e. same as the interior frame) or as a post and beam frame. The decision depends on the requirement of customer (whether he wants to go in for future expansion or not) and / or requirement of building (is the end wall open for access). The post and beam frame end wall system consists of pinned ends columns/posts, supporting horizontal beams called as end wall rafters.

Roof Sheeting and Wall Cladding

Roof Sheeting is process of covering on the uppermost part of the Pre-Engineered building which gives protection not only from weather (rain or snow) but also from heat, wind and sunlight. Roof Sheeting & Wall Cladding is designed after research by our engineering experts on technical parameters that are appropriate according to the project requirement.

Foundation and Floor systems

In PEB , Foundations and Floor Systems are made up of conventional concrete systems, usually called as Open Foundation systems. Since PEBs are very light in weight, the foundation are designed to firmly anchor the PEB structures to the ground. Foundation systems are classified into two types: shallow and deep foundations, depending upon depth of the load transferred below the super-structure & the type of transfer load mechanism used.

Heavy and Complex Structures

Our Structural Steel division handles the entire fabrication and erection works such as the design, fabrication, supply and erection of steel structures. Steel frames are increasingly being preferred over concrete structures across the globe. This shift is largely attributed to the fact that steel structures offers tremendous flexibility in design and shape unlike rigid concrete structures. Moreover, steel occupies less floor space than traditional concrete structures and steel structures can be pre-fabricated off-site and brought ready on-site saving time.

Advantages Of Our PEBs

  • Minimum Foundation Requirement: In the construction of industrial buildings like PEBs, foundation requirement is very less as compared to that in constructing conventional building.
  • Highly recyclable:Pre engineering buildings can be recycled without any time or resource wastage. The prior fabrication of its components is responsible for making it highly recyclable.
  • Robustness: The strength of industrial sheds entirely dependent on the quality of steel used in its components fabrication process. Best quality of steel produced by our company is handy in maintaining the robustness of industrial sheds.
  • Durability: In structural Engineering, durability of any structure is proportional to its robust nature and its adaptability to adverse environment conditions like temperature, moisture etc. The Steel components produced by the company fulfill both qualities.
  • Mobility: Industrial sheds are highly movable for one place to another by just uninstalling the components and material used , and then reinstalling them to another place which cannot be feasible in case of conventional buildings.
  • Reluctant to welding: There is no need of welding the components with each other but they are just bolted together in the installation phase for the construction of Pre engineering buildings.
  • Minimum On-Site Construction Time: The construction time needed to build an Factory building in very much less as compared to the construction time needed to construction of other buildings.
  • Minimum generated waste: The time, labor & resources of a company need not be wasted for efficient realization of goal. When It comes to wastage, zero wastage for  manufacturing PEBs is one of the quality which differentiate it from other costly structures.
  • Controlled quality: In PEB Construction, The quality of steel can also be controlled depending on the client’s requirement. This customization cannot be possible in any other type of structures.
  • Affordable price: In this modern era, Most of the clients prefer to build such kind of structures which are not only affordable to them but also takes less time, which can only be fulfilled by Industrial sheds like Pre engineering buildings.
  • Energy Efficient: The PEB Buildings are very energy efficient, as they can be cooled or heated very easily. According to work requirement, Light colors can be used to reflect sun energy for summers and dark colors can be used to trap heat energy for winters.