Industrial Projects And Turnkey Solutions

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Industrial Projects And Turnkey Solutions

Concept Design

We work toward providing conscious, sustainable and tailor-made designs to client with integrated multi-disciplinary services. From green-field to brown field projects we specialise in the concept design with practical solutions to projects of diversified nature like API, R&Ds, automobile and food sector, heavy engineering, Warehousing, etc. Concept layout is the first cut layout made, based on the client interaction and BTS. Basic scheme of services is also worked out for overall understanding of project. This helps the client to understand the project bandwidth and it is the base document to take the project further.

Master Planning

We work in close collaboration with all the stakeholders and consider the key issues right form site-location, infrastructure, and connectivity and also to energy, water management, building location and its expandability.

Multiple layouts based on production processes, Good Manufacturing Practices, material and personnel flow, warehousing, flame-proof and non-flameproof segregation, regulatory norms and compliance to National as well as International building codes, in sync with the geographical topography and Vastu considerations, are prepared and shared with the client. The end result is future proof, cost efficient and sustainable layout which is responsive to the clients’ future needs.

Basic Engineering

We develop basic engineering designs customized to suit the functional, process and other user requirements and recommend a solution which is cost-effective, inclusive of all engineering inputs and regulatory norms. This includes basic layouts, Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), Piping and Instrument Diagrams, control and operational philosophy, basic equipment sizing, equipment specifications and budgetary costing.

Detail Engineering

A step further to the basic engineering, details and in depth specifications are worked out along with precise bill of quantities and specifications of all the items involved for various disciplines. Tendering and vendor management of Civil and Architecture, HVAC, Electrical, mechanical and piping, other services like plumbing, water treatment, fire-fighting, etc also is part ot the detail engineering package.

Project Management

We develop a mutually agreed coordination and communication protocol with client. Project schedule to monitor progress of Engineering, procurement and construction activity is worked out and updated at regular and pre-defined intervals. Periodic coordination meetings to review the planned v/s actual work status, document control and cost line management to keep track of the project during the complete lifeline of the project.

Construction Management

We offer services for scheduling, monitoring and controlling construction and installation activities, site logistics, weekly/monthly activity progress reports, tracking contractor activities and bill checking/certification. Apart from this we also provide safety personnel (if required) to maintain SHE(Safety, Hygiene & Environment). Construction management team ensures compliance to the detail working drawings and specifications and keeps record of any amendment that occurs with respect to the master schedule.


Architecture is the core group of VB-ANA and conceptualisation of projects start with this group. We have an experienced team of innovative and creative designers with wide technical knowledge and many years of industrial experience. They work close with all the stake holders to bring out the most functional, optimal, cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and state of the Art facilities.

Latest software like AutoCAD, Revit, 3D MAX, sketch-up and rendering software like VRay help to visualise the project at various stages.

Services include:

  • Concept and presentations
  • Master plans & Floor layouts
  • Revit Modelling
  • 3D-views and renderings
  • Interior design
  • Façade Design
  • ​Landscape design

Civil & Structural Engineering

We offer services for development of Infrastructure plan, preparation of site development drawings, structural design & detailed construction drawings for buildings & other structures, preparation of bid documents, procurement assistance preparation of civil cost estimate & monitoring of civil cost, scheduling & monitoring of site construction activities.  We offer optimum design considering the user’s requirements, process layout and various standards applicable.

Mechanical Engineering

We offer services for conceptualization and design of mechanical systems inclusive of capacity calculations, design and specification of utility and process equipment, planning and designing piping layout for process and utility equipment. Based on room data sheets and utility inputs from client designing optimum utility requirements such as compressed air, steam, cooling water, chilled water, purified water, service water, condensate water and planning the utility distribution in optimum possible ways. Planning fuel unloading, storage and dispensing system. Installation of various process and utility equipment

Electrical engineering

We offer services for safe and optimum design of electrical Distribution system inclusive of sizing of Transformers, DG sets , cables , indoor & outdoor illumination system, Earthing & Lightning protection system for the project based on load list and other inputs received from client as well as estimated connected load data received from other departments such as Mechanical, Process , HVAC etc. We take into consideration of the quality and reliability of grid supply available , criticality of supply reliability from process and product output point of view , as well as energy conservation aspect while designing robust and flexible distribution system.

HVAC Engineering

We offer services in designing, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for stringent requirements of controlled environments which is necessary for different industries such as Pharmaceutical industries, Food and Food processing industries and various other such industries apart from comfort of occupants. We provide design of BMS systems for monitoring, controlling and keeping records of critical environmental parameters such as, temperature, pressure, airflow, humidity etc.

Fire & Safety System

We offer services in conceptualizing, design of fire alarm and Fire Fighting system as per the relevant international and local standards. Design of fire fighting systems like hydrant system, Sprinkler systems. Fire alarm system inclusive of smoke detectors, beam detectors , fire alarm panels, sounders and the interconnecting cables.